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Wooden Collage

Everyone likes collection of photos of family members, friends or loved ones in a similar frame. Here, we fulfill your wish of seeing your near and dear one together in a collage form. You can bestow this personalized gift upon your loved ones on any occasion. This gift is for every occasion. We provide you with varied options such as 5-pc Wooden Collage Frame, 4-pc Iron Collage Frame, 4-pc Wooden Collage with Rot Iron Frame, Rota Iron Collage Frame with 3-pc, 13-pc Ceramic Tile with Teak Wood Mat, 4-pc Ceramic Tile with Teak Wood Mat and 3-pc Gold Metal with Wooden Frame.

Visiting Card

Elegant and beautifully designed business card holders can add style to your work desk. In the business or corporate world, having your corporate message on your desk displayed in a cool manner, corporate business card holders are a great idea to advertise your business during client meetings. Our trendy amazing business card holders having your business name printed on them. You can also use Gift passion’s business card holders as a gift to your boss and impress him. You can even have any personal text message along with a picture of your choice to express yourself in a better way. Personalized attractive cardholders can also be a good option to give as a corporate gift to your customers and clients on various occasions.


Exclusive Personalised T-Shirts express what kind of person you are. You seem to be romantic, when you have a picture of your beloved over your T-Shirt; superman on your T-Shirt displays your fantasy to become one. Philosophical quotes on the T-Shirts displays your philosophical insights, whereas, joke imprinted on your T-Shirt conveys you are happy-go-lucky kind of person. 
Our advanced printing technology, adds more years of life to the print, there is no fear of getting damaged or fading while washing and ironing. These lovely innovative Personalised T-Shirts are available in all sizes.


Sublimation stone is very innovative, unique, and creative gift for gifting someone. It is a good way for you to store your memories or your great moments. They are also good choice for your friends and your family members, and are suitable for decoration. You can have photograph and write up for your loved ones engraved on a stone. The best part is that this also can be gifted as a promotional gift to create a close to nature approach towards corporate arena.


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